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I’m OK without the bullshit balance

The balancing act is just that; an act. No one has it all together.

Pinterest and Martha Stewart can suck it! Perfectly folded sheets – yeah, right! Just pull them from the dryer and put them right back on the bed! Who’s gonna see a few wrinkles? At least it’s clean and made it out of the washing machine before the mildew set in and you had to wash them for the third time! (Yep, I’ve done that!)

You’re not the only one who hides dirty dishes in the oven when your mother is coming over.

You’ve been at the office for 8 hours (plus driving time!) – cut yourself some slack…and a slice of pizza! She came to see you, not your dishpan hands. Hell, get her to grab the pizza on the way over – one more checked box on the to-do list! Delegation rocks!

You set a time for the staff meeting, now set a time for you.

Sitting at yet another staff meeting without a decent agenda makes you want to stand up and do the “Happy” dance just to break the monotony (even though that song is starting to make you want to stab yourself in the eye with your iPad stylus if you hear it one more time). You have goals for your work life, but can’t seem to get it together when it comes to clearing the clutter in the living room. You’ve been stumped about your collection of Nancy Drew books and your kids’ artwork crowding the shelves for the past 5 years. You know how to get shit done (which is why you wish they’d let you run the meeting), but you don’t know where to start in that damn living room. 

Ask the Organizer 

Get an answer, book it on your calendar and get it done the same as you would any other project.

Your closet has had you in a hostile takeover, it’s time to turn the tables and start your day on your own terms.

Quit spending 15 minutes wading through piles of laundry every day before you get to work. Spend that time with a cup of coffee instead (maybe add some Bailey’s??)! Get rid of those clothes that are taking up real estate in your closet! Send me a picture of the shoulder-padded jackets, acid wash jeans and pastel sweaters stuffed into the corners. I will be your  hard-ass bestie and hold your hand to let them go. I’ll even have a little BFF martini with you to cheer you on!

You’re great with lists; you just need someone to make one for you.

Send your question to Ask the Organizer. I’ll send you the list and you can check ’em off.

This is the catalyst you need to face the demon.

Conquer the chaos like that budget meeting, one chunk at a time. Yeah, budget meetings suck the life out of you – so does housework when you try to do it all at once and all by yourself. Crank up the tunes, recruit the troops, and wear your shorty shorts so he can squeeze your cute ass every time he goes by with a load of laundry.

Grab your list from Ask the Organizer and tackle it as a team!

Last week, you gave the shivering Heart & Stroke volunteer a 50$ cheque in memory of your Grandpa. Yesterday, you listened to the spiel from the newest young lad seeking atonement for his sins with his little testimonial brochures standing at your door in nothing but your pj’s just because you felt sorry for him. You give of yourself all the time. It feels awesome to donate stuff that no longer serves you. How much can you give back today? Not sure where to start or what to tackle next? Ask me about your record collection (yes, I know what those are) or take a picture of your bathroom vanity or even a space you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Send it in and I’ll give you some rockin’ ideas of what you can do and who can benefit from your stuff

Ask the Organizer

At last! You’re progressing, one step at a time! Look at that amazing closet! I know you keep opening that tidy junk drawer to admire it. Ooooo! and check out that pantry shelf! What else can you accomplish?

Ask the Organizer and let’s face the next challenge together.


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We are working moms just like you! Our business is about organizing, yes, but it’s more about finding a compromise and seeking progress, not perfection. We are professional organizers who help working moms like you simplify your life by getting rid of the clutter and the guilt. Our passion is helping you create and live the life of your dreams in everything we do! We have been there – from the disorganized chaos all the way to perfection, tainted with stress and anxiety. We have met “in the middle”, found a way to compromise and be at peace. We truly want to help you do the same!

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Cheers chickie! Here’s to another BFF Martini (without the side of guilt!)

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