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Hey There Pretty Lady

This is dedicated to all of YOU women.


Hey there pretty lady

Hey there pretty lady with your imperfect body;
I love you not because your abs are a six pack.
No… you are wonderfully squishy with womanly curves.
Your body has been through miraculous events.
You have had babies, surgery or are going through treatment,
That makes your body a force to be reckoned with.
I love you not because your lips are full.
It is those words of encouragement
and those stories that you tell that captivate me.
I love your amazing smile that lights up your eyes
and captures a room full of people.
I love you not for your loud presence that demands
attention of everyone around.
I am mesmerized by your quiet way that makes me
want to approach you and share a cup of tea or go for a walk.
Hey gorgeous, you may be squishy around the edges but
please do not be ashamed of who you are right now
as those curious eyes are looking at you and
watching you in wonder because you are their hero.
Love. You have to know that those freckles, that scar,
That mark, those thighs that touch and those parts that
Will never be quite that perky are what make you, you.
It is not after you have completed a rigorous exercise program,
Tanned a little bit more, lost those ‘last’ five pounds, cut your hair,
or changed a single damn thing yourself that you should be happy.
It is right here. Right now. As time keeps passing and moving forward.
There will never be a perfect moment as there is today.
Love you for you with all of your imperfections.
You are imperfectly perfect as you are.
~Krystal Worth
June 24th, 2014

As I Begin to Love Myself

Judge a Little Less; Support a Little More


“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist


Super Mom can Suck It. That’s right.  I said it. The idea that the modern working and or stay at home mom can do it all perfectly is a figment of our imaginations. It is fake and I am calling Bullshit.


Why oh WHY must we try and pretend that we have got it all together. You know what I am talking about. And just for the record ladies just because someone posts a picture of a decadent, gourmet, perfectly healthy, balanced diet, raw food meal that her AMAZING husband made doesn’t mean that she wasn’t scarfing down a fast food meal yesterday because she really wanted a night off of cooking and her family has been running ALL damn week. Remember all that you generally see on social media are the highlights. Though I do find it refreshing when peeps/bloggers post real life incidents that we can all relate to and gather support from.

You see in fact it was just yesterday while I was at work I found myself saying that, “Today I am the disorganized organizer. “ I won’t give you the sob story but my day was tight. I mean really hectic and I sort of forgot that it was my co-worker’s birthday party and I was responsible for it. Fun right?! Well yes it really is because we get to celebrate each other, hang out and have a little shin dig party. But holy shit if I didn’t forget until I was driving from one of my clients and that fleeting remembrance struck me and almost made me drive off of the road. I mean I didn’t have a card or anything. Thank goodness I had the cake all pre-planned! So here I am between client visits, running for a card, flowers, the cake and beverages. Sigh. Talk about a mega fail. But guess what?! It went well despite me having a full work day – it all came together. Unbelievable. I am supposed to have my shit together right?

I am just like everybody else. I have a life that involves more than just myself and these things happen. And correct me if I am wrong but I am not the ONLY one who messes up am I? Am I the only Mom in history that forgot to put pajama day in her calendar? Even if my son says that he was the ONLY one that wasn’t in his pj’s in the class picture?

It was just last night. I was solo parenting and I was tired from the day (refer to above birthday story). I actually bribed my children to bath the dog. He (the pup) smelled like he slept in the garbage can all day and I could not muster up the energy to bath him. So I did an awful parenting thing and told the kiddos that if they bathed the dog then they could stay up an hour late. Yup. I did. No one said that I was nominated for parent of the year. I think sometimes we just have to do what we have to do. It was Darwin that advocated survival of the fittest right???

Just to top it off yesterday. My daughter gave me an invitation to a birthday party that was the next day. Right. After. School. Say what?! So there I was “that customer” in Walmart a half hour before it closes frantically looking for a present for her friend. That I know nothing about. Don’t even get me started about the other birthday that we have tomorrow, Father’s Day and the OTHER birthday that I pretty much forgot about. There goes the budget.

For the love of ____ can we just stop judging each other?

Some things that annoy the hell out of me…

How about those peeps that judge those on Facebook? I like Facebook so please don’t sit back and say that it is rendering my ability to communicate or love my family.  I am not a Pinterest gal – does that mean I am not able to make nice things and be creative?


I like healthy foods and sometimes non healthy foods BUT for the love of gluten free, paleo, raw food, and quinoa sometimes I just want a damn bag of chips!

I don’t pick my children up for school in the latest fashions with perfectly manicured nails and magnificent hair, sometimes yoga pants and a ponytail are about all that I can/want to muster up. That doesn’t make me less of a person.

Ever feel like this?


When people bad mouth their boss when it isn’t justified. I mean really if you think that you are qualified for the job then why didn’t you apply?

Don’t judge me if my house is messy and don’t judge it if it is clean. Who cares?

Don’t judge me for what I  have and don’t judge me for what I don’t have. Those are just things.

Is it so awful to be happy for each other? Is it?!?!?!

There is nothing wrong with admitting that things are not awesome.awesome

All I am saying that it doesn’t matter if we aren’t perfect (whatever the hell that means!) as long as we strive to be a better version of ourselves every day. If one day you eat poorly then the next day try and eat a nutritious diet. If one day you find yourself yelling and freaking out then the next day try and find ways to stay calm and peaceful.

Whether you are a single Mom, a Step mom, a Foster Mom, a Mom of one or six, a stay at home Mom, or a career Mom. Kudos to each and every one of you. You are freaking awesome.

So though sometimes it is difficult let’s judge a little less and support each other a little more.




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Noah Vacume

Chores for Children of Different Ages

I always say to my children that you have chores because you are part of this family. As a family everyone should share in the workload. I truly believe that it is imperative to give children regular chores. This gives them responsibility and teaches them the life skills that they will one day need to live responsibly and run a household, wherever that may be. 

Why Do Children Need to Have Chores?

Children need to have chores delegated to them so that they can learn to contribute to your family and so that they can learn skills to take care of themselves. Contributing in this way will teach your children self-discipline, give them pride in what they have accomplished, and build their confidence and self-esteem. It is easy for us to use chores as a form of discipline however the more that we do this the more they will view chores as punishment and look upon them negatively.

Should I Wait Until My Child is Older?

Children can begin doing simple chores at an early age. Most little ones love to help out in one way or another. Don’t discourage this. It is easier to have a little one set the table than wait until your child is a teen and ask them to start doing such tasks.

What Kind of Tasks Should I Give Them?

Your child(ren) should have daily chores or tasks that are expected everyday of them. That may be things like making their bed, putting together their lunch, tidying their room.  Then there are the extra things that they may be able to help out with; larger tasks that help the family household out in one way or another.  Make sure that when you begin assigning chores that they are things that help them to become more independent. Once they are independent with their own needs then they can assist in helping others.

Noah Vacume


Here are some ideas for age appropriate tasks. (Keeping in mind that you know what your child is capable of best!)

PreschoolersGet dressedWash face and hands

Brush hair and teeth (may need assistance)

Make bed

Pick up toys

Put clothes in clothes hamper

Help clean up messes

Set table (may need assistance with sharp objects and heavy plates)

Help dust (with duster not spray)

Grade Two – Three (in addition)Take out garbage

Wipe surfaces

Sort recycling

Help put away groceries

Start washing dishes

Exercise pets

Brush pets


Kindergarten – Grade One (in addition)Hang up coats and put shoes away

Put away their things


Feed pets

Begin to make lunches with assistance

Help unload groceries out of bags

Grade Three – Five (in addition)Vacuum rugs/carpets

Help with meals (gathering ingredients, stirring, adding, planning)

Help with grocery list making


Grade One – Grade 2 (7ish) (in addition)Dry dishes

Help clean up after pets

Make own school lunch


Begin to put away own laundry

Grade Five – Six (in addition)Learn how to do laundry

Wash mirrors, windows

Help clean the bathroom

Prepare simple meals and assist with more complex meals








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I was going to write about Spring Cleaning today but the word trust kept popping into my head. I know -big difference in subject matter!! This is how I write now. I write about what moves me and the thoughts that I feel HAVE to be put down on my computer.

I used to be the BIGGEST worrier. I would fret about work; who would I be working with? Was it going to be a good day? Would I be able to handle my workload? Could I be a good nurse for my patients? Would it be so crazy on the unit that I would forget something?

I would worry about my kids. Are they doing ok at school? Did they get their assignments done? Did they hand in the paper that was due today? Are they in the right extra-curricular activity? Is he able to handle going to parties? Will they make good decisions?

I would also worry about whether I had paid all the bills before their deadlines. What I would make for supper that the family would enjoy. I would worry if I hadn’t heard from my friends for a while. I would feel so awful for what others were going through that my day would not be good.

I think you get the point. I would actually feel ill quite often with my stomach doing flip flops because I could not escape the thoughts. I took the weight of the world on my shoulders and I did not know how to cope with the thoughts that bombarded me on a day to day basis. I did not understand that all of these things were out of my control. My worrying did not make a bit of difference on the outcome of these situations and quite frankly looking back it was simply exhausting to have these negative feelings all of the time. It was like I was anticipating a negative outcome before it had even happened.

So moving on to trust. What is trust? Well the online dictionary defines trust as such:




reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

confident expectation of something; hope.

confidence in the certainty of future payment for property or goods received; credit: to sellmerchandise on trust.

a person on whom or thing on which one relies: God is my trust.

the condition of one to whom something has been entrusted.


The definition that I am talking about is the first. “Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.”

You see I have had to be able to trust more than I ever have before. In doing so I am able to live much more freely.


When we are babies and even small children we don’t know anything but trust. It is only after a child has been let down, lied to, or treated adversely that they begin to not trust people at times.

As adults I find that it is more difficult to put your trust in something or someone. Through experience we know that trust can easily be shattered and is very difficult to recover. We know that trust has to be earned.




If we are able to  open ourselves up to trust in people and situations then we are able to live in the moment without defining what ‘could’ happen and not robbing our life at the present time of all that it is.


Yesterday was a prime example of ways that I trusted everything would work out. I went through my usual work day trusting that I could get away on time in order to pick up my daughter and get her to dance competition on time. I trusted that my parents would pick my kiddos up from school and my Mom would get my daughter’s hair all curled and styled for me so that we wouldn’t be late. I trusted that my husband would remember to pick up my youngest son and get everything done so that we would be ready for school the next day. Lo and behold I got a flat tire on the way to dance competition. I now had to trust that I could get the tire changed and get into the theatre on time to watch my daughter dance. Luckily my bff changed it and we got finished up just in time. After the competition I had to trust that I could get back to my town on the little spare tire on the busy highway.

It all amazingly worked out.


Another thing during my daughter’s dance routine there is a part where some of the girls have to lift my girl up in the air while she is in the splits. Their job is important to keep her safe from falling. She has to trust them 100% and they trust that she can hold the move. The old me would have worried so much about the outcomes of all of these things.


My son recently turned 18. I keep thinking and wondering if we have given him the tools to be able to get by in the world. As parents we have to be able to trust that he can make good decisions at this point and trust that he will come to us for advice and help when he wants it not just when we think that he should have it. We have to put trust in our children and let them make decisions for themselves.


Another thing in my life that I used to worry about extensively was money. When my husband I were first starting out we barely made above minimum wage. I panicked about whether we had enough for this or that. I managed it all for years. One day I realized that I just had too much on my plate and my husband and I decided that I would hand over the financial stuff to him. We still discuss finances but now he is responsible for paying the bills and managing the accounts. This was tough for me to let go of and trust that he could manage this but he really stepped up and does a great job.


I also used to stress about being able to do it ALL. I think this is common for women. We don’t have to participate or volunteer with everything ALL of the time. Of course we have feelings of guilt around all of this. (That is a whole other topic.) As May is often the busiest month in my house I trust that if I take things day by day then my days should play out as they are supposed to.


I am not saying that you have to trust every person that you come across. I am saying that things happen for a reason and you should always trust in the outcome. We are not meant to see the big picture.




Here are more few examples about how I am able to trust.


  • Friendships – I trust that my friends will be open and honest with me, not play games, and have my back if I need them
  • Children- I trust that they will be safe every day, do their best, and learn from their mistakes
  • Husband – I trust this man with all my heart. I know that I can count on him for love and support.
  • Job – I trust that I have the knowledge to assist people to the best of my abilities.


I hope that you are able to let go of the need to try and control every situation that comes your way. Sometimes you just need to listen to that gut feeling, go with the flow and live in the present with every cell of your body!




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be positive

What Really Matters?

photo 1 (2)

It has been a taxing few weeks. My daughter has had a cyst/abscess (we won’t know for sure until the results of the biopsy come back) on her forehead for the past few months. We are pretty certain that it is nothing major. It wasn’t too concerning until this little lump became large, red and painful. We have seen more than our fair share of Doctors. I think that I have calculated that between my husband and my daughter we have been to 12 appointments in the last couple of months. So it has consumed a large piece of our lives.

be positive

As a nurse I wasn’t really panicking about this lump until the signs of infection and inflammation became evident. It was the Mom part of me (the gnawing, heart string tugging, gut feeling) that made me become a bit pushier instead of waiting around for our next referral to come through. After all I am her advocate. In the meantime, she was becoming more and more uncomfortable, kids were making comments about her lump and I was concerned that this would cause some cosmetic issues as it grew larger and larger.




After a visit to a fantastic hospital ER Dept. (on the advice from a Nurse co-worker) within two days we were meeting with a plastic surgeon. The Surgeon and three interns asked questions, poked, prodded. Then the Dr. suggested that they could possibly fit my daughter in for surgery that same day but we would just need to wait around and see once the Doctors got through the scheduled surgeries and nothing emergent came through the doors then we would be good to go. My gal had not eaten anything since the night before and she burst into tears because of the uncertainty of what would take place. Her Dad, little brother, myself had the day to hang out at the hospital and wait for word of when this would take place. It wasn’t a case of just freezing this area and taking/cleaning it out. She would have anesthetic, a drain, IV, and stitches. Something that she has never gone through. Heck I have never had to have surgery (touch wood). It was a little scary.




They admitted her to the Day Surgery Unit and we settled in to the room. They gave us a pager in case we wanted to roam the hospital and let me tell you we know a couple of the floors quite well! We were not allowed to leave in case we could be fit in at any time. There was a chance that we would wait all day and not get in at all. To kill time we and keep her mind off of what ‘might happen’ we checked out the gift shop, played cards, read, watched movies etc. etc. Hubby and I took turns at taking the kids for walks as 10 hours to wait was a really long time. We watched many children come and go from surgery after surgery. We went through many emotions at this time. Worry. Hope. Anxiety. Thankfulness. Love…lots of love.

Then in a flash the OR nurse came to our day surgery room and said, “We are ready”. Not knowing all day if this was going to happen or not suddenly reality hit. It was time. My poor girl burst into tears scared about what was going to happen, about going to sleep, about them ‘cutting her head’, about having the intravenous in her hand. We were relieved that it was finally happening, we were hurting for our daughter, and we just wanted to make everything better like all parents would.  I got to hold her hand until the anesthetic put my little girl to sleep. The surgery took about an hour and a half. The lump was gone. We just had to get through the ill effects of the anesthetic. There was a fine line where we were not sure if we were staying over a night or going home. At quarter to one a.m. she was able to keep some fluids down, the IV came out, the dressing got changed and we were discharged.


photo 2 (3)


Big. BIG sigh of relief. All of us were exhausted and my youngest was having meltdowns for the last hour. Everything went well and my gal is healing with flying colors! We are very happy!

 photo 3


Here are some things that I learned/noticed from that day:

~what matters most is health and relationships

~though my son and daughter argue they love each other very much

~sometimes you just have to trust your gut

~my husband is my rock

~we have some amazing people in our lives

~patience really is a virtue




Another thing; don’t doubt that those little actions won’t make a world of difference in someones day. A message, a call, an email to let someone know that you are thinking of them could be uplifting, bring hope and show support. I pray that if you are going through anything with a friend or family member that you have the strength that you need, the support to help you through and the courage and optimism to make it ok.



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36 Things that I have Learned Over 36 Years …(About Myself and Life)



It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it got me thinking. What have I learned over the past 36 years? What makes me, me? What is important to me? I have learned so much on this journey called life. I am shaped by my friends and family but mostly from my own thoughts and decisions. I have a long way to go but I also know that I have come a long way over the years. I have to say that the 30’s are pretty cool!

This is what I came up with.




~Every now and then it is good to stop and look at how children see the world. Remember how it was to be a child and look at life with a sense of wonder and adventure without any jaded opinions?

~I am not perfect nor am I vain enough to think that I am even close to perfect. I make mistakes. I stumble. I fall. Some days I am a big bundle of mess. I am darkness and I am light. We are beautiful souls despite our faults. We are as unique as the snowflakes that fall from the sky.

~We cannot buy happiness. We’ve heard it a million times. It is not found in a box, on a shelf, online or in a store. Stuff will never fill that void. In fact it will make us feel more empty. True story.

~I have a low tolerance for excuses, for myself and for others. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Figure out what is a priority to you and what makes you happy. We can make time for the things that we really want. (AND we do not need to do everything all at once.)

~Appreciate life with all its quirks and blessings. It all happens for a reason. If you don’t stop and enjoy it then at the end what was the point? Just when you think that you are getting the hang of it those damn gray hairs start poking up in your head. With all stages there are positive and negative. No point focusing on the bad.

~Practice gratitude. It is one of the best ways to find contentment. Humans are often discontent. We want what we don’t have. When we stop and remember all that we do have then suddenly our way of thinking turns around. Things like health and relationships all mean so much more than material things.

~We are taught to conform. Media is prevalent in our world. It is everywhere that we turn and we follow what we are ‘supposed to’. Go ahead and question people. Research all that you can. You may just be surprised at what you find out.

~You can’t keep up with everything and that is ok. We get caught up with trying to stay up to date with everything, experience everything, and not miss out that we forget that we cannot do or have it all. Enjoy the part of life that you can savor; that slice that is meant just for you!

~Sometimes you just have to lighten up. Throw caution to the wind. Be silly. Dance in your living room. Sing at the top of your lungs. Laugh really loud. I can’t imagine that anyone has regretted any of these things.



photo 3 (3)

~Marriage/relationships are work. So if you are not ready to work at it don’t bother.

~Love YOU. The most important thing that you can do is love yourself. If you are always searching for a better this or that then you miss out on your great self as it is. COME ON women we all are beautiful in some way. Embrace that and teach your girls that it is ok to love yourself as you are, right now!

~To me the most important qualities of a mate are honesty, trust, and a sense of humor; without those things it will be a long road ahead.

~Always date your partner. Never stop. Dates are so very important to keep the fun, the love and the fire burning. Remember why you fell in love in the first place. I love to try new things with the hubs. Take some time daily, weekly, or at least monthly to enjoy each other’s company. You won’t regret it!

~Stop and take the time to show others that you care. Love isn’t always enough – actions are another way to show and say thanks or proclaim love.

~Learn what your love language is. Seriously. Once you know these things you and your partner can become more fulfilled. You will have that ah-ha moment.



photo 3 (5)


~Life is short. Don’t waste time worrying about what other people think. I am not sure at what age this happens but there is a time in your life when your don’t give a damn switch is turned on and you really start living your life how YOU want to.

~I used to be the sheep. I would follow what everyone else was doing because I thought that was what I was supposed to do not to mention I was a people pleaser. All that did was make me overwhelmed and unhappy. Now I am ok to create my own unique path.

~Not everything is intentional. I used to get so disappointed with people thinking that they would intentionally hurt me. Now I know that we just all think and do things differently. Their actions were not always for the purpose of intentionally being hurtful. It is ok to let people go. Everyone comes into our life for a reason. Remember the good times and as Shawna says send light and love.

~Stop with the comparison game. This can be a toughie. I have some very inspirational friends that I look up to and admire. I also know that we all have our shit to contend with. Lift each other up instead of cutting each other down.


photo 3 (7)



Be yourself


~Be yourself. Always. Seriously. Though you may want to fit in with everyone it is much more fun to be you. The people that are right for you will stick around.

~Many people think that loving you and putting yourself first is selfish. WE cannot give fully to someone else if we cannot give to ourselves first. This quote from Mastin Kipp says it all, “Self-love is not all about “me, me, me”; but it starts with “me” so that we can build a strong “we”.”

~My Mom always said do everything in moderation. I still use that rule today. I think if you want to be lazy for an afternoon – do it. If you feel like watching that crazy reality show – go for it. If you want a cookie – have one. But don’t waste your entire week. Don’t watch hours of TV every day. And don’t eat the whole batch of cookies. Don’t deprive yourself from the things that you enjoy just do it all in moderation.

~Slow down. Life is most enjoyed when we can stop and savour it at a leisurely pace.

~Your past is not your future. You cannot change your past so focus on the present. We all do stupid things at one time or another. What is important is that we learn from it and move on.

~We all are so different in personality. I think it is important to learn about yourself so that you know why you are the way you are. Learn about what things make you happy, make you feel better, and fill your ‘love tank’. Once you learn these things you are better prepared to face the world. I sometimes literally want to hide away from the world – I enjoy social situations in moderation and I am very shy around people that I don’t know well.

~Weird is the new cool. It is better to be different and happy than to conform to society’s norm and be bored and uncomfortable.

~Love life’s simple pleasures. Is it nature you connect to? Music? A good book? Do whatever brings you clarity and joy!

~When you are tired it is your body’s way of saying it is time to rest and take a break. The world won’t tumble down around you if you commit to less and take a day for you. Swallow your pride and repeat after me, “I cannot do it ALL.”


photo 5 (1)


Health & Nutrition


~I challenge myself every week. I like to push my body and see what I can do. It is the best natural high ever.

~Slow and steady wins the race. There are very few weeks that I do not work out at all (I can count them on one hand). I take a break only when my body is hurting and needs some recovery time. I workout at least twice per week, every week. If I were to try and go hard working out every single day I know that I would not stick to it and be disappointed in myself.

~I am addicted to events. It all started with the Walk to End Breast Cancer in 2006 and since then I have participated in The Underwear Affair, the MS Bike Tour, the Relay For Life, 3 Mud Runs, a Colour Run, Zombie Run and have even created an event with my best bud. These events keep me training all the time.

~Eating healthy is important. Meal planning has saved my ass many times even if I plan it the night before. I do not always eat what I am ‘supposed to’ and I don’t care. I make a point to intentionally enjoy whatever I eat no matter what the nutritional value is. I hate it when people eat something and then say I shouldn’t have eaten that. What good does that do? They obviously wanted it in the first place.

~I will never give up cheese, chips or bacon. That is all.

~I can honestly say that I have never, ever been on a diet. I don’t believe in any of them. Making proper food choices and educating yourself is one of the best things that you can do. Proper nourishment can reverse the effects of disease, decrease body fat, improve your mood, keep you energized, and leave you feeling fulfilled.




photo 4 (2)

~I think that there are pros and cons to all jobs. I am not saying that you have to settle. I just think PERFECT jobs are fictional. We should not hate our jobs but there is a big part of us that chooses how our experience will be. Keep learning and make yourself better through your connections and interactions. You never know who you might inspire.

~If you want to learn something make a mistake. Not on purpose but when we make a mistake it sticks with us, we learn from it and we move on. It betters us as people.

There are certainly things that I want to work on. I want to specifically work on forgiveness and giving my children more undivided attention. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Just goes to show how much we grow and change and even mature. (Yes even me!) I really enjoyed making this list and finding some wonderful quotes and pictures to share. (kinda a nerdy passion of mine!)

photo 3 (1)

Thanks for joining me!



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My daughter's new bedroom.

How I Transformed My Daughter’s Room

My daughter's new bedroom.

This is my daughter’s bedroom. We recently renovated it into this pretty, more grown up room. What once was a room with bubble gum pink walls and a garden mural, is now a room that she can once again enjoy as a tween and continue to grow into. I REALLY wish that I would have taken before and after pictures for you to see as it was a really big transformation!

My husband was laughing at me because when I get an idea and know what I want to do, there is no stopping me. The kids had a week off of school and I had some extra time off due to the Family Day holiday. I am always so gung-ho beginning these type of projects and then when I am smack dab in the middle of a huge mess I go, “what the heck possessed me to start this?!” Anyone else do this? 🙂

I want to give you the deets of what I did here as well as the pros and cons to doing a project like this yourselves. First off we had to do the usual prep work when painting. I pretty much always let the kids choose their colours with a wee bit of guidance of course. But really it is just paint, it is not like it can’t be changed again if you don’t like it or outgrow it. It is nice for them to have a comfortable place to enjoy. We toned down the bubble gum walls with this more neutral colour. The theme wall is a vibrant and gorgeous turquoise. I was advised to do two coats of primer and then two coats of paint. This was a total of 16 hours of painting alone for this project! I wouldn’t want to cut corners with painting though as then you will not be happy with the coverage and end up with an uneven colour on the walls.  I have to say that I may have been slightly high from the fumes over the course of two days!

Here are different views of the room with a little description of what went on.

Cute Little Corner

This corner used to have a clothes hanger stand, a huge teddy bear and this shelf. The shelf was full of knick knack type things plus papers and posters. Now we have all of her nail art/make-up stuff off of her vanity desk and she uses this shelf to organize all of that. This shelf was in her room already and was bought for $5 from a garage sale! The branch wall decal was $17 and tied in the colours nicely. It was easy to apply and can be removed just as easily.

Theme Wall with Vanity

Her vanity was a present from us a few years ago and is her most expensive piece of furniture in her room. She uses it ALL the time for homework, getting ready in the morning and doing her nail art. Together we decluttered the desk drawers and the surface as well as the shelf on top. The shelf and mirror were purchased from her school garage sale a few years ago for $5 each. We repainted and distressed them with paint that we already had. Score! Less is more when it comes to surfaces. She is able to let the things she loves shine whereas before she just had too much stuff out; it was very cluttered and she didn’t have room to be the creative gal that she is!

No Wasted Space Here! Behind the Door.

Here is the area behind the door. I wanted to make use of all spaces and leave these things accessible but not in the forefront. So I purchased the little over the door hanging storage to hold her purses, robe, scarves and hats. It really works well and was just $10.  The bulletin board I kept in the room so that she can keep her calendar up and display her awards and fave. pictures. My handy Mom and I made this a while back; it has pockets and ribbons to hold her papers/pictures.

A Zen Corner

This corner houses her tall dresser. We were able to get her canvas crayon picture up that she just made. (I think that it is important for them to be able to display their creative art!) Over here she has her special Himalayan salt lamp and alarm clock. She bought this over-sized pillow for $13; it will be nice when her and her friends hang out. There are two new curtain panels and rod in her room that cost $60. The curtains are supposed to help keep the cold and light out – bonus!

 Pretty Little ExtraTouches

With a new coat of paint the window box that my hubby made went back up. She applied some of her cute stickers to dress it up. It is mostly empty right now; we used it for stuffies before. It works nicely from hanging all of her headbands neatly. The chandelier is one of her favorite things in this room. She now has adequate light and thinks that it is so pretty. It was the most expensive purchase at $50 plus the cost of the bulbs. It was so worth it as she says the light makes her happy! We wanted some of her photos displayed that remind her of things and people that she loves. The frame was $20. She used to have several homemade frames (from Popsicle sticks and such that she had outgrown.)

There are always pros and cons to projects and I wanted to share them with you!



  • Vibrant clean walls, lots of time with my daughter, a skill that my daughter learned (the steps to painting properly)
  • A decluttered room with only the things that she loves and uses
  • A room that she can enjoy and grow in to
  • Several hours of painting


  • Taking the time to recycle, sell and donate her old things
  • $ spent to update the room

All in all this project cost about $400. This includes all of the paint (I have lots left), drop cloths, brushes (which I can re-use), rod, curtains, over-the-door hanger, wall decal, chandelier, bulbs, duvet cover/sham, pillow, register and picture frame. It was well worth it and I saved money by putting in the labor ourselves. Not to mention we are getting money back from the old décor and toys that we have sold. We were able to get rid of one bag of garbage, one bag of recycling and we donated three bags of stuff. Decluttering creates a canvas for us to be creative.

Yay us!! I am so proud of my daughter for staying with me the whole time to get the job done. I didn’t have to ask her once to help out. Plus she made us lunches every day! She now has this skill to take with her when she gets her own home. She loves her room especially the new, happy lighting. 😉

Thanks for following our ‘little’ project!



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I was a Facebook addict. Sounds ridiculous right? Facebook otherwise known as Crackbook by some had my attention several times a day. And not just Facebook either. I HAD to have my phone by my side at all times as if it were my lifeline. If I misplaced my phone it would cause me great anxiety. I would have to check emails and Facebook first thing in the morning and last at night plus during the day. I would pick up my phone whenever I heard that little ding to remind me that I had a new message or another email.



transitive verb \ə-ˈdikt\

Definition of ADDICT

:  to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively


photo 1 (3)


Technology nowadays makes it really easy to have everything at the touch of our finger tips. Social media sites, email, web pages, music, news, weather and more are readily available with computers, laptops, net-books, tablets and phones. There are many, MANY debates regarding the pros and cons of technology. In terms of users there are those that aren’t comfortable with or choose not to use technology. There are people that use technology only when they have to; maybe for work or the occasional correspondence. Some have a cell phone only for emergency purposes. Then there are those that use technology several times a day. They may be the gamers, use it for their jobs, like playing with all the latest techie tools, or might be very social with the use of it. Whatever the case, it is all around us.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer for how much each individual should use technology. It is all a very personal decision. For me when it got to the point where my kids would be frustrated because I wasn’t 100% present and I was getting distracted for far too long then I knew that it was time to change. I was also really tired of all of the posts telling me what I should eat, what I should wear, how to parent and the list goes on and on. I was not a happy camper. I had been toying with the idea of a Facebook detox for a long time. I had also decided that at this point I needed to take a break from posting on our webpage too (which most of that is connected between Facebook and our site). For me it was the right time to focus on my health and relationships. Getting caught up and pouring hours into our posts cut down on time for other things. I needed a break from online to create a bigger presence and more meaning in my relationships.


photo 1 (1)

Not to say that I wouldn’t have done these things while still being active on Facebook because I still would have been active with workouts, and doing things with friends BUT I was able to squeeze in more running than I had, extra workouts, more time with friends and family. It was quite eye opening really. I love Facebook for keeping in touch, sharing experiences, inspirations and advice but I also know that it is great to live outside of the screen and I just needed that break to remember what other great things I could accomplish.

I am not sorry for stepping away from Simple Life to evaluate what I wanted and didn’t want from our business. I do not feel like I missed out on a whole bunch either from staying off of social media for over a week. I am happy that I got to have more coffee dates rather than texting dates. I know what’s right for me is to step away now and then, follow my feelings, post when it does not feel forced and remember that relationships are what will always be needed in life. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Facebook, texting, emailing and posting but for me there definitely has to be a break from technology at times.

I know I am not alone; I read a statistic that said that ¼ of FB users checked their accounts 5 or more times a day. And considering there are over 1.2 billion users that is a LOT of time online. I also read that ¼ of smartphone users don’t remember the last time that they did not have their phones with them. (Hopefully they are not taking them in to the shower and to bed!) Is this time on Social Media concerning? I think that it could be and everyone needs to evaluate that for themselves.






What can you do?

If this is a concern for you then there are a few things that may help you.

~ admit that there is a problem. Ask yourself if you are present in your families lives; in fact ask them!

~ figure out why you go on social media in the first place. Is it for connection? Are you bored?

~ find a balance between online and offline interactions.

~limit your time. Check your email only at certain times of the day. Limit social media time.


This video is humorous and eye opening.


What are your thoughts on social media? Do people abuse it?


Credit to Becoming Minimalist
Credit to Becoming Minimalist

 photo 2 (9)

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Pretty Positivity PDF Printable

Two very important things that you can do every day to stay positive are to:

Say what you are thankful for. And… Think of something that you have accomplished.

I have made a pretty little printable that you can keep by your computer, bed or in a journal so that you  can remember and do this every night. It will make a difference in your attitude and help you remain positive!


Click here to get the Pretty Positivity PDF Printable.






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Want to get Organized? Not Sure Where to Start?

January is get organized month! There are a few things that you need to consider before ‘Getting Organized’.

First off there is not a quick fix for organizing. Anything can be organized but it takes a process of maintenance and scheduling to keep things neat and tidy. It is very easy to fall into old habits! Then next thing you know you are back at square one. We have all done that! When Shawna and I used to do in home organizing sessions we would teach our clients how to maintain their space as well.
Here’s what you should consider before you start.
~ Why do you want to be organized? If you figure out what is motivating you then it is more likely that you will stick with the project. Do you want to be more efficient? Do you want more space? Will you have less stress? Will you have more time for family/friends?
~ Where should you start? Prioritize and figure out which space. Ask yourself: which area is most chaotic? Which space causes you the most frustration? Go from there.
~ Who will do the work? Is this a space that you can manage on your own? Do you have too much invested emotionally? There are options here. See if a friend can help. They are great to bounce ideas off of and don’t have emotional ties to your stuff so they can stay objective. Perhaps you can research it on your own or maybe you need to call on the help of a professional. A professional can help you focus and break the project down into manageable pieces.
~Lastly, decide on when you are able to start your organizing project. I always go on about this but you really have to schedule time with yourself. Break down the project into bite size sessions. organizing is very rewarding but can also be very taxing on a person.


Hope this helps! For a more detailed step by step answer. Check out our free download on the home page! 


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