Badass Meal Plan

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Flash forward to next week…




Bad Ass Kitchen 

  • You’re tired of rushing to the grocery store on the way home from work for the third time this week.
  • You’re tired of talking about what’s for supper (and lunch…and breakfast…)
  • You’re tired of spending money on fast food that makes you feel like shit in more ways than one.
  • You’re tired of being the only one who gets food on the table, when that even happens.


You’re just plain tired of this whole meals thing.

Why the hell can’t someone just do it for you?

Well, we thought the same thing. So we did. We made it for you. We made it for ourselves. We made it for every mom who has thrown up her hands at the “What’s for supper?” question. (there should be a support group, really). The one who has screamed, “That’s it, I quit!”…and then realized that this is the one job she can’t quit…and then cracks open the vodka…



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We’ve tested these recipes so many times over the years and we know what’s quick and easy to make and you can feed everyone with. (Usually, except for maybe the pain in the ass teenager or fussy 4 year old, but whatever, there’s always starving them tonight and all the more leftovers for your lunch tomorrow.) Now that’s Badass!

These recipes are easy; so easy that whoever gets home first can start what’s on the menu. And they’ll know what to make and that you have all the ingredients. You can even get these going the night before or the morning of. And…what if you could just give someone else a ready made grocery list and get them to go to the store so you don’t have to? How would that make you feel? Does it make you feel Badass?

And this is a plan that’s easy to stick to and easy to use! And you’ll eat less junk because you know what’s on the menu. No more wandering the aisles of the grocery store with a growling stomach. Who’s a Badass now?

The Badass Menu Plan is just $4.99 per week. It’s complete with all the recipes and grocery lists you need (nothing half-assed about this).

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Once you click to purchase the weekly meal plans, you will be billed MONTHLY from PayPal (a total of $19.99 each month you are a registered subscriber) We’ll send you the Badass Menu Plan each week for 4 weeks.

Stop running around after your meals.

Start running around after your hot hubby!

Now that is definitely BADASS!



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5 thoughts on “Badass Meal Plan

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    Brandy - September 5, 2014

    Loving these meal plans. Different but yummy and not very hard to make and take little prep. The meal plan includes everything I need to make supper, lunches and even snacks and breakfast a breeze. These girls are amazing and have thought of everything! !!

    1. Reply
      shawna - September 5, 2014

      Thanks Brandy! We’re glad you’re enjoying them! We are excited about them too!

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