Feeling Overwhelmed? Then Just Simplify!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and a little bit crazy you need to SIMPLIFY! How you ask? Here are some handy dandy super easy things that you can do!

1) Make your bed (even if your room is messy it looks 80% better when your bed is made!)
2) Cancel a commitment (sometimes you just need time to breathe and regroup).
3) Grab a basket (collect clutter while tidying and take them to donations).
4) Clear off counters (this makes such a big difference visually and creates room for creativity!)
5) Go though one drawer (it is quick and easy and is a do able task).
6) Sit down (have a cup of tea and plan the rest of your day/week or just take some time for you). 🙂

If you are needing assistance getting started with simplifying contact us here

Six Ways to Stop Procrastination. Now!

We all procrastinate at times. There are those daunting tasks that you don’t want to start because of one reason or another. Procrastination leaves us with feelings of uneasiness, anxiety, regret and even panic at times. Yet we still do it; some people more than others. We know we are procrastinating yet we still squander away free time and put off important tasks until alas it is just too late.

There are things that we can do to prevent procrastination from taking over. Go ahead and read this; how about now and not later? 😉

1) Tackle your most difficult task first when your energy level is highest. This will ensure best results and you will feel energized and productive. With the worst tasks out of the way the rest will seem easy peasy!

2) Rome was not built in a day. Sometimes starting a big project is half of the battle. Divide large tasks into smaller ones so as to ovoid overwhelm. Make a commitment to finish small tasks each day.

3) Set a timer for 10-15minute intervals. This will keep you on track and allow you some encouragement by racing against the clock. Motivate yourself by seeing what you can get done in that short amount of time.

4) Make sure your work space is organized, clear, and inspiring. You don’t need distractions when you are trying to be productive. Clear space = clear mind.

5) Schedule tasks on your calendar. By setting times and deadlines you are more likely to get things done than when you say. Creating a game plan is half the battle and allows you to move forward easily.

6) Eliminate your easy distractions such as email, social media, phone. Sometimes these are all too easy to suck our time away. Reward yourself with these things when you are finished what you are doing.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” ~William James

Guilt Burger

Today has been a busy day – getting ready for the week ahead and I still have lots I want to do. I really enjoyed my weekend, spending time out at my parents farm. I re-learned some of those lessons your mother teaches you but as a teenager, you ignore…only to find out later what great advice it was.

I have a lot going on in my life right now. Most of which, I’ve brought on myself and I am excited about. However, there are those moments of overwhelm when I can’t seem to catch my breath. Where I feel lost and alone and those voices begin again…

There was a time in my life – well, truthfully, it was all the time; where I would seek solace in food. I was the girl who ate the entire box of school fundraising chocolate almonds secretly in her closet, never having to actually sell a single one. I was the young single mom who made cookies for her son only to eat half of them myself when he wasn’t looking. Had a bad day at work? I’d stop and get chips and dip and gorge myself on them in front of the TV.

Thankfully, I’ve also always been fairly active, so I never became VERY obese – but I did become unhealthy and overweight and exhausted all the time. Most of all, the solace I sought never did come. I would eat and eat and all I would feel was more guilty, more ashamed, more ugly and most of all – still sad, overwhelmed and alone.

Enter stage right…the person I am today…now I am slowly learning to seek comfort elsewhere. In my family and friends. In running. In writing. In doing what I love. But there are days; there are moments like today…

I feel inadequate. I feel like I am a bad mother. I feel like I’ve let my best friend down. I feel like there is so much to do that I’ll never get it all done. I don’t even want to look at the list because the panic rises in my throat every time I do. Waves of negative feelings crash down all around me. No one helps me get the truck unpacked. We’re out of milk again. The kids will complain that all there is for lunches are vegetables. He sits and sits and plays his stupid game. If I had that kind of time, I certainly wouldn’t be wasting it like he does.

I leave the pot of beets simmering on the stove and the squash in the oven. They’re all sitting around, so the house won’t burn down while I’m gone; if they’d even freaking notice. The vegetables need 1/2 hour anyway. And so I drag my butt to the grocery store. As I drive, grumbling, I remember that my credit card doesn’t work since I’ve completely forgotten my PIN for some very strange reason (it’s the card I use ALL the time). Shit! I guess I’m only getting the milk because that’s all the cash I have.

Traffic is slow because it’s holiday Monday and everyone is driving their freaking trailer’s through town. Why the hell does the store have to be a left turn off the damn highway? I see a sign ahead of me, past my turn….A&W…2 Mama burgers with cheese for 5$. I can get two AND get milk. I have a twenty…and so I drive to the next left turn. No wait there…interesting….I grab my burgers and turn right to the CO-OP.

I sit in the parking lot, feeling like a criminal, and eat my burgers. One after the other… It will make me feel better, right? I will forget about all that I have to do. I will stop resenting my husband’s leisure time. I will forget about my feelings of inadequacy. Right? …Right?….RIGHT????

As I sit, I search the parking lot for vehicles I recognize – making sure no one sees the girl who preaches healthy eating chowing down on a cheeseburger…GUILT…I smugly eat a burger that I don’t have to share and I remember the lattes and breakfast he made for me this morning….GUILT…I feel each piece sliding down my throat and remember how good I feel when I run. I’ll have to wait a while before I will feel like running as this sits in my belly…GUILT…the bunch of bananas and a few apples for my kids’ lunch cost as much as these burgers and now the money is spent…GUILT…

By the time I swallowed the last bite of those burgers, I did not feel any better. I felt soooo much worse. My heart was heavy and my shoulders drooped with my shame. I’m sure the cashier wondered about my lack of my usual friendliness. I berated myself. I kicked myself. I hated myself. I climbed back in my vehicle to head for home, beating myself up all the way.

A young man sat on a motorcycle beside me, waiting to turn left while I waited to turn right. He was very young – about the same age as my oldest who I’ve been failing as a mother for this week. His motorcycle was a shiny Harley Davidson – a small, simple one that I guessed he’d saved and bought for himself. His skateboard was strapped to the back and he wore a camo shirt and he had eyeglasses. I thought about his youth and his excitement to be there on his bike. I’m sure his mother worried about him being on that motorcycle. But he didn’t care. I could see the smile on his face. He didn’t care about the traffic. He didn’t care about how much he had to do tomorrow. It seemed to me that he didn’t have a care in the world.

Instead of resenting this boy as I turned away from him, I found myself there with him. I found myself remembering all that I’m thankful for. Remembering all that I’ve been given. All that I’m capable of. I remembered that it’s all in my control – that I control my reactions and my attitude. No one else. Just me. The more I sit and bitch and moan, the worse things always become. The more burgers I eat, the worse I feel. I know what brings me joy. I know what gives me hope. I know that each of my failures have always, ALWAYS taught me something important. No cheeseburger ever taught me a damn thing.

I composed this post in my head as I washed the dishes and felt grateful for them. Yes, I am grateful for dishes. I had to share this story with you. We all have guilt burgers. Each one of us has something that we do to ourselves to help us deal with the pain and the hurt. Each of us is capable of so much more. We just need to figure out what it is that we can find our comfort in. It’s not easy. But then, what in your life has been easy? Hasn’t the hard stuff always made it worth it in the end?

Thankful just to be breathin’

Organizing School Papers.

I have three children. Two years ago they were all in different schools (ranging from preschool to high school!) I was quickly finding it difficult to keep all of their school papers organized. I mean seriously there are daily correspondences from teachers, papers to sign, fundraisers, newsletters, extra curricular papers, permission slips, report cards and the list goes on and on. How the heck do you keep it all organized?! I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore! I made a family organizational binder. Each of us has our own tab with a folder that divides our papers. The papers that need dealt with daily stay on my desk. (If they are hidden away in the binder I may forget about them. The other papers that I may need to reference (phone numbers, school info., dance papers, football paper etc.) get filed under the appropriate tab. So if I am looking for my 9 year olds swimming papers I just find her name and grab it! Easy peasy!

Tip: Once you have dealt with a paper either file it or recycle it! Use the one touch rule. If it is in your hand then deal with it now not later; that would be a waste of your valuable time. Don’t forget to put important dates in your calender as soon as you learn about them. AND one more bonus tip! Don’t hang on to papers if you don’t need to.

Get School Savvy!

What do you do to stay organized during the school year? Folders? Files? Binders? Leave us a comment we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in a mini session with not one but TWO professional organizers to get a system in place contact us here.

Transforming a Small Space: Children’s Room

This past weekend I decided that I needed to organize my youngest’s bedroom. (Back to school does that to me!) His room was getting out of control with clutter (aka treasures). His room is about 9′ x 10′ and smaller than the average bedroom. It is a constant struggle to find room when there is not much area to start with. Never fear mommy the organizer is here! My goal was to showcase the things that he loves and get rid of the stuff that he doesn’t
a) love, b) use or c) is broken or too small.
So first things first; his room got a good purge! With my little guys help we went though toys, pictures, school papers etc. Tip: Do this with your child in short bursts so they don’t get bored and upset. And… a little bribery never hurt anyone! Just sayin’. 🙂
Also, I emptied everything out of his room and sorted it in piles of like items so that I could take a good inventory of what he had. (Make sure that you have set aside a chunk of time to do this). You want to be able to start and finish this project.
The next step was to recognize what storage was needed. I needed to know where I could add more storage. I decided that I could add cubby shelving to one side of his closet, add a small book case to his corner, utilize some colored baskets, add hooks to the back of the door. I also wanted to get rid of his bed that was a box frame. I changed his bed to a captain style bed which has three decent sized drawers under it. It also comes with a great headboard that has shelves in it. As a bonus I found this bed on the buy n’ sell. It was in great condition and best of all I probably saved my self a couple of hundred dollars and reused a perfectly good bed! Everything else that I used was either already in his room or I bought gently used. Yippee!

Consider storage in the bed that you choose!


A bookcase and wall shelving creates great, attractive storage. I like the colored bins that hide toys!

Tips for creating storage in a small room:
~think vertically if you do not have very much floor space then find storage that goes up
~shelving creates a space for books, knick knacks etc and keeps them off of dresser surfaces and the floor
~use small shelving in the closet (my son uses half of his closet for his clothing/laundry basket and the other half houses two small shelving units that can store books, toys, or shoes.
~a book case can house many things besides just books (I like to add a bit of color with cubbies) These also hide toys!
~hooks on the back of the door are a great way to keep bathrobes and jackets off of the floor. kids can also hang up their back pack here.
~consider a captains bed or loft bed to create extra storage

Before and Afters of my son’s closet.

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SimpleTips: Recipe Holder

Thanks for checking out my second video. I just love taking everyday objects and changing it’s purpose to make something else completely functional. This time you don’t even need scissors or tape just use the hanger as is. Cool right? I think so!

Simple Tips: Cardboard Cord Organizer

I am excited to share tips, tricks, organizing tools, as well as ways that we can simplify our lives! This video was my first attempt using my webcam to record. I think that it is better to share these with you than obtain perfection with all of the technical stuff. 😉

Feel free to share ways that you organize cords by leaving us a comment!

Get Real – Book Shelf

In this shaky, imperfect video, I talk about perfection and what I prefer to do instead of dust my shelf. We can help you organize your book shelves perfectly, but we’d rather help you organize your book shelf to be something you love and something that works for you. We’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be.

This is REAL life after all!

Get started in your own imperfect journey. We’re here for you. Contact us.

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gmail top of screen

Computer Tip – Change Your Gmail Background

I’m a sucker for pretty backgrounds. I don’t like to stare at the white space around my screen. I change my desktop background often – usually to some sort of nature picture or inspirational message. It is just part of creating my creative space.

My email is the same. The plain white background of my Google gmail is just too “quiet” for me. Currently, I have a mountain theme (because I love the mountains) as the background. I have helped many people with their computers, and I’ve noticed the plain white and I’ve wanted to show people how to change it. Here are step by step instructions to change your gmail background if you want:

  • Open your gmail
  • Click the little “gear” icon (top right corner)

  • Click Themes
  • Select any theme listed by clicking on it – your background will immediately change.


  • Play with the colors and themes until you find one that suits you.

What about you? Do you like to have a clear background or do you like to “jazz” it up a little? Let us know in the comments!

I love to help people be more productive (and have more fun!) with their computers/technology. If you have computer organizing and how to questions, please Contact me!

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