Simple Tips – Plastic Linen Storage Bags

I recently bought the kids flannel sheets for their beds. They come packaged in those clear, plastic bags with the zippers. Sometimes those bags also house curtain panels and other linens. I usually keep them for my mom who is very crafty. She can store her quilts or crocheting in them. As I went to put these two in the recycling I thought to myself, “There has to be more that I can do with these bags.” So I did what I do best and I researched. I came up with my own ideas on how to reuse the bags. I believe that they can actually come in quite handy even in day to day life.

Take a look at the video here:

Here is what I came up with…
Uses for plastic zippered bags include
~ store stacking or building blocks in them
~ use them to store linens (place a cloth with some pretty incense with it to keep them fresh smelling)
~ put off season clothing or accessories in them
~ for the crafty peeps store pieces of fabric
~ use them to store projects (Easy to grab and work on and keeps it all together)
~ store gift wrap, gift bags, tags, ribbons and tissue paper
~ store baby blankets and sentimental items
~ put it in your vehicle to house emergency supplies or toys
~ organize cords
~ use for toiletries when travelling
~ great for holiday decorations and ornaments to protect and keep them together

How could you use these handy bags? I would be interested to hear what you do with them!

Simple Tips – Overwhelm and Practicing Gratitude!

We all have those days and weeks where we cannot seem to get ahead! We are literally running from one thing to the next. One step forward and two steps back as the saying goes. The walls are closing in and you barely have time to pee! Well, you get the point!
We can let it consume us or we can accept it and embrace it. We can grab this feeling by the ‘nads and take control. This particular night instead of stressing about what I had not got accomplished I decided to be happy with the many tasks that I did get done. I looked back on my day at all of the things that I had to be grateful for like my jobs, family and friends. I talk more about it here in this vid.!

What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed with life?

Simple Tips: Overwhelm and Practicing Gratitude

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Empower Them

I am learning that nagging the kids to clean up really doesn’t work. When I ask them to “clean up your room”, I am ignored or forced to listen to the whining. Let’s face it, if someone gave you a vague task like “Get a new client” or “Write a new program” and we had no experience in doing so, we would not know where to start. A mentor or supervisor or instructor has given us the specific steps we need to take to accomplish this task. At the very least, we’ve had life experiences which help us to figure out a way to get started.

It’s the same way with the kids. We need to empower them with the tools they need to accomplish the task.

For example, this weekend, instead of saying “clean up your room”; I gave them specifics. For my son:

  • clean up the lego on the floor
  • put the magnets away
  • put the toy guns, soldier items away
  • tidy the top of the foot locker

He knew where these things go and what my expectations were. So, he set about doing these specific items. He did it at his own pace; even spent time playing with some of these as he was putting them away. It didn’t matter, there was no “agenda” and I’d rather he do it at his own speed rather than mine. I did not hover and he completed the tasks as I asked.

For my daughter:

  • hang up her clean laundry
  • tidy the top of her dresser
  • put away her magazines & books
  • pick stuff up off the floor

Again, she had a specific list. The lists weren’t long and I believe that they felt like these wouldn’t take all that long so there was no whining. I simply asked them to do these items before they continued with the rest of their day. My daughter is suddenly becoming much more mature and capable as a young woman (she’s 13 in a couple weeks!). She went above and beyond in her room!

When you empower the kids to do things on their own and in their own way, they feel the reward of a job well done. As she tidied the areas in her room, she cleaned and reorganized as well. I did not ask her to do this. She has just seen the value of being able to find things now in our home (most days! 🙂 ), so she wanted the same in her space. Her grandma is a big influence on her and has shown her how to clean as well as I like to explain what we’re doing for organizing jobs as well. This was the incredible result of all her hard work:

There are still going to be days when they whine and I yell. We’re getting there. There are days when it’s really difficult to let them do it their way rather than mine. It keeps getting better and better though. The more I empower them to do things on their own; the more they are up to the challenge.

Do you give your kids specific tasks for their jobs around the house? Do you have tricks to share? Let us know in the comments!

Simple Tips – Bread Tag Cord Organizers

Do you ever get frustrated will all of of your cords plugged into your power strips? You sit there tugging on the cords, hoping that you have the correct one to unlug. Then you unplug the one that you think is your speaker and it ends up being your router! Suddenly your family is shouting at you because they have lost internet and were in the middle of, “a VERY important level” of their game!

I have been collecting bread tags for this very purpose of using them to organize my several cords that are in a tight space under neath of my computer desk. I really like that I can quickly see exactly which cord belongs to which electronic!

Great re purposing idea for labeling cords!

Here are a whole bunch more tips on what you can do with those bread tags from Whole Living Daily!

Simple Tips – Plastic Bag Storage

Hey all! Apologies for the barn door effect with the funky writing in this video. I am not sure what happened there! There are times when I forget to take my reusable grocery bags to the store with me; I hate it when that happens. So I end up with several plastic store bags. They can look messy and clutter up a cupboard. So what can we do with them all? In my video I share a simple and FREE idea on how to neatly store these bags.


What can we use plastic shopping bags for? I have ideas! 😉

1. Take them with you when you go shopping and use them at the checkout.
2. Recycle them at the grocery store.
3. Offer them to consignment stores and eco friendly stores as they often are looking for bags for customers.
4. Donate them to a food bank.
5. Use them for painting to catch the drips or for covering your brush when you are in between coats.
6. Use them to wrap fragile items when gift giving or packing breakables.
7. Use them to line small trash cans.
8. Protect wounds and casts when showering.
9. If you have dry or cracked skin, lotion up and put your hands/feet in the bag to retain moisture.
10. Use them in the bottom of planters and pots to fill up space between the bottom and the dirt.
11. Tie them around your knees when gardening to keep your pants dry and clean.
12. Keep critters out of your plants by lightly draping them with a plastic bag overnight.
13. Wear bags as gloves when touching raw meat.
14. Use them on the counter to catch peels when peeling veggies.
15. Cut them to make aprons or bibs for the little ones to keep them clean.
16. Use for on the go lunches.
17. Defrost meat in a bag to prevent the juices from getting on everything.
18. Use them to crush crackers in.
19. Use under a high chair to catch messy spills.
20. Use for foods that don’t need tight containers.
21. Use as table coverings when kids are painting.
22. Use for dirty diapers when away from home.
23. Use them to contain small pieces for toys or crafts.
24. Use them for shampoo and wet bathroom products when travelling in case of leakage.
25. I also use them for kids wet swimming suits and towels.
26. They are great for dirty clothes when travelling.
27. Keep one in your gym bag for stinky gym shoes.
28. Put some in your car for trash bags.
29. Wrap your cold water bottle in one to catch the condensation and keep your bag dry.
30. Use the pretty colored bags for wrapping of gifts.

Hope you are enjoying these videos! We would love to hear from you!
Leave us a comment and let us know what you use plastic bags for? How do you store them?

Feeling Overwhelmed? Then Just Simplify!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and a little bit crazy you need to SIMPLIFY! How you ask? Here are some handy dandy super easy things that you can do!

1) Make your bed (even if your room is messy it looks 80% better when your bed is made!)
2) Cancel a commitment (sometimes you just need time to breathe and regroup).
3) Grab a basket (collect clutter while tidying and take them to donations).
4) Clear off counters (this makes such a big difference visually and creates room for creativity!)
5) Go though one drawer (it is quick and easy and is a do able task).
6) Sit down (have a cup of tea and plan the rest of your day/week or just take some time for you). 🙂

If you are needing assistance getting started with simplifying contact us here

Six Ways to Stop Procrastination. Now!

We all procrastinate at times. There are those daunting tasks that you don’t want to start because of one reason or another. Procrastination leaves us with feelings of uneasiness, anxiety, regret and even panic at times. Yet we still do it; some people more than others. We know we are procrastinating yet we still squander away free time and put off important tasks until alas it is just too late.

There are things that we can do to prevent procrastination from taking over. Go ahead and read this; how about now and not later? 😉

1) Tackle your most difficult task first when your energy level is highest. This will ensure best results and you will feel energized and productive. With the worst tasks out of the way the rest will seem easy peasy!

2) Rome was not built in a day. Sometimes starting a big project is half of the battle. Divide large tasks into smaller ones so as to ovoid overwhelm. Make a commitment to finish small tasks each day.

3) Set a timer for 10-15minute intervals. This will keep you on track and allow you some encouragement by racing against the clock. Motivate yourself by seeing what you can get done in that short amount of time.

4) Make sure your work space is organized, clear, and inspiring. You don’t need distractions when you are trying to be productive. Clear space = clear mind.

5) Schedule tasks on your calendar. By setting times and deadlines you are more likely to get things done than when you say. Creating a game plan is half the battle and allows you to move forward easily.

6) Eliminate your easy distractions such as email, social media, phone. Sometimes these are all too easy to suck our time away. Reward yourself with these things when you are finished what you are doing.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” ~William James

Organizing School Papers.

I have three children. Two years ago they were all in different schools (ranging from preschool to high school!) I was quickly finding it difficult to keep all of their school papers organized. I mean seriously there are daily correspondences from teachers, papers to sign, fundraisers, newsletters, extra curricular papers, permission slips, report cards and the list goes on and on. How the heck do you keep it all organized?! I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore! I made a family organizational binder. Each of us has our own tab with a folder that divides our papers. The papers that need dealt with daily stay on my desk. (If they are hidden away in the binder I may forget about them. The other papers that I may need to reference (phone numbers, school info., dance papers, football paper etc.) get filed under the appropriate tab. So if I am looking for my 9 year olds swimming papers I just find her name and grab it! Easy peasy!

Tip: Once you have dealt with a paper either file it or recycle it! Use the one touch rule. If it is in your hand then deal with it now not later; that would be a waste of your valuable time. Don’t forget to put important dates in your calender as soon as you learn about them. AND one more bonus tip! Don’t hang on to papers if you don’t need to.

Get School Savvy!

What do you do to stay organized during the school year? Folders? Files? Binders? Leave us a comment we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in a mini session with not one but TWO professional organizers to get a system in place contact us here.

SimpleTips: Recipe Holder

Thanks for checking out my second video. I just love taking everyday objects and changing it’s purpose to make something else completely functional. This time you don’t even need scissors or tape just use the hanger as is. Cool right? I think so!

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