Simple Tips: Cardboard Cord Organizer

I am excited to share tips, tricks, organizing tools, as well as ways that we can simplify our lives! This video was my first attempt using my webcam to record. I think that it is better to share these with you than obtain perfection with all of the technical stuff. ūüėČ

Feel free to share ways that you organize cords by leaving us a comment!

Simple Tips – Re Purposing


I have been having fun creating simple ways to get and stay organized. All of the following cost less than $1.50; now that is my kind of organizing! None of these took a long time to make either. (Bonus!)

Use toilet paper or paper towel rolls covered with a piece of left over wrapping paper to keep cords untangled and organized.

Cost: Pennies


An empty tissue box can create pretty storage to hold your shopping bags for easy access.

Cost: Free

Rubber bands from produce can help slippery and strappy shirts stay on the hanger.

Cost: Free

This little under mount basket is a great way to create storage for a simple table.

Cost: $1.50 from Dollar Store

I added a magnet to these fancy clothespins with double sided tape.They are now on my fridge and hold papers like coupons, schedules, my meal plan and more

Cost: Free as this was a gift and I reused some plain magnets.

What have your re purposed in your home to create new storage?

Let us know in the comments!






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