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Chores for Children of Different Ages

I always say to my children that you have chores because you are part of this family. As a family everyone should share in the workload. I truly believe that it is imperative to give children regular chores. This gives them responsibility and teaches them the life skills that they will one day need to live responsibly and run a household, wherever that may be. 

Why Do Children Need to Have Chores?

Children need to have chores delegated to them so that they can learn to contribute to your family and so that they can learn skills to take care of themselves. Contributing in this way will teach your children self-discipline, give them pride in what they have accomplished, and build their confidence and self-esteem. It is easy for us to use chores as a form of discipline however the more that we do this the more they will view chores as punishment and look upon them negatively.

Should I Wait Until My Child is Older?

Children can begin doing simple chores at an early age. Most little ones love to help out in one way or another. Don’t discourage this. It is easier to have a little one set the table than wait until your child is a teen and ask them to start doing such tasks.

What Kind of Tasks Should I Give Them?

Your child(ren) should have daily chores or tasks that are expected everyday of them. That may be things like making their bed, putting together their lunch, tidying their room.  Then there are the extra things that they may be able to help out with; larger tasks that help the family household out in one way or another.  Make sure that when you begin assigning chores that they are things that help them to become more independent. Once they are independent with their own needs then they can assist in helping others.

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Here are some ideas for age appropriate tasks. (Keeping in mind that you know what your child is capable of best!)

PreschoolersGet dressedWash face and hands

Brush hair and teeth (may need assistance)

Make bed

Pick up toys

Put clothes in clothes hamper

Help clean up messes

Set table (may need assistance with sharp objects and heavy plates)

Help dust (with duster not spray)

Grade Two – Three (in addition)Take out garbage

Wipe surfaces

Sort recycling

Help put away groceries

Start washing dishes

Exercise pets

Brush pets


Kindergarten – Grade One (in addition)Hang up coats and put shoes away

Put away their things


Feed pets

Begin to make lunches with assistance

Help unload groceries out of bags

Grade Three – Five (in addition)Vacuum rugs/carpets

Help with meals (gathering ingredients, stirring, adding, planning)

Help with grocery list making


Grade One – Grade 2 (7ish) (in addition)Dry dishes

Help clean up after pets

Make own school lunch


Begin to put away own laundry

Grade Five – Six (in addition)Learn how to do laundry

Wash mirrors, windows

Help clean the bathroom

Prepare simple meals and assist with more complex meals








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