Hey There Pretty Lady

This is dedicated to all of YOU women.


Hey there pretty lady

Hey there pretty lady with your imperfect body;
I love you not because your abs are a six pack.
No… you are wonderfully squishy with womanly curves.
Your body has been through miraculous events.
You have had babies, surgery or are going through treatment,
That makes your body a force to be reckoned with.
I love you not because your lips are full.
It is those words of encouragement
and those stories that you tell that captivate me.
I love your amazing smile that lights up your eyes
and captures a room full of people.
I love you not for your loud presence that demands
attention of everyone around.
I am mesmerized by your quiet way that makes me
want to approach you and share a cup of tea or go for a walk.
Hey gorgeous, you may be squishy around the edges but
please do not be ashamed of who you are right now
as those curious eyes are looking at you and
watching you in wonder because you are their hero.
Love. You have to know that those freckles, that scar,
That mark, those thighs that touch and those parts that
Will never be quite that perky are what make you, you.
It is not after you have completed a rigorous exercise program,
Tanned a little bit more, lost those ‘last’ five pounds, cut your hair,
or changed a single damn thing yourself that you should be happy.
It is right here. Right now. As time keeps passing and moving forward.
There will never be a perfect moment as there is today.
Love you for you with all of your imperfections.
You are imperfectly perfect as you are.
~Krystal Worth
June 24th, 2014

As I Begin to Love Myself

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