Media Madness!

This week we are working on our living room. We all use this particular room for different things. Some use this room as a fancier space for company. I think most of us use it as a place to connect with our friends and family. It is a place where we go to put our feet up, read, play games, watch a show or movie, cuddle with our loved one, and much more! It has the potential to serve many purposes. I love this room because usually if I am spending time in it then I am finished my work for the day and able to connect with my family or just chill for a bit!

Shawna’s family and my family enjoy movies immensely! We have hundreds of DVDs. Strange you may think for two organizers to have so many movies? Not at all. In fact we encourage people to hang on to the things that they love, that make them happy. Watching movies is just that for us. No, it’s not all we do but some of our favorite times are curling up after a crazy week and watching a show with our loved ones.

Kids DVDs

Being that we have a LOT of movies we like to have them in order so that we can find them easily. Here are the steps for getting your movie media organized.

~go through your movies. Donate or sell  movies that you no longer enjoy or need. Get rid of any duplicates. (it happens ;))

Sort them in a way that makes sense for you. Think about how you would search for a movie? Alphabetical? Genre? By Actor or Director? Favorites? What I do is I separate the kids movies from our movies. I then take it one step further and have a shelf for the Disney videos and a shelf for the other kids videos. Each of those shelves are alphabetized. For mine and hubbies movies we have those alphabetized. For me this is the quickest and most efficient way to find the one that I am looking for when I can do a quick letter search.

Our DVDs

~store your DVDs. Make sure you put them away in a place where you can easily read the titles. Use shelving, media storage, drawers or baskets whatever you have that works in your space. Decide if you want them in plain sight or put away in a cupboard.

~make it interesting. You may enjoy displaying some favorites with some movie posters. Maybe you have a movie room that you want to set up.

I also really like this idea of organizing the media and saving a ton of space. Check it out over at IHeart Organizing.

Compact DVD Storage

Having a collection is ok as long is it makes you happy and does not start to overwhelm or take over your life. Just keep it under control and enjoy it!

If you are needing help getting started on organizing your media or another area of your home contact us and we can get you on your way to an organized space and system! Email us a picture and we can help you through a virtual session.

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