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Shawna – My Story


When my babies were small and we lived in Calgary, I was desperate for some sort of help to take better care of our home. My mother and sisters always kept a “perfect” home. I was ok until I suddenly had 1 preteen and two babies 13 months apart. It became pure CHAOS in my home. I was ashamed and felt so guilty. I felt like a horrible mother.

I turned to the Internet and found the Flylady. I went to the library and got books on looking after the home and being a home manager. I tried everything. I felt so alone and nothing seemed to work. I’d flit about and end up getting nothing accomplished.

We moved our family to Olds in 2001 and I found Krystal. Slowly, with her help, I realized that the important people in my life loved me anyway, regardless of what my house looked like. She made me feel like she wanted to be in my home, even when it wasn’t perfect. Most of all, she helped me learn to get control of the clutter. I read more books and implemented more ideas. I became more productive at work because I took the time to put systems in place that would keep me from getting overwhelmed. I followed along with Flylady again (I still do) but realize that I don’t have to follow her system exactly, I created my own system that works for us. Krystal and I learned that when we allowed ourselves to be happy and stopped being the martyr, the more our families became happier. The happier our families are the more they are willing to pitch in. We are supported and loved instead of constantly yelling and screaming.

There are days of chaos. Life always happens. I have learned the hard way that the sooner I just dig in, the sooner things will be better. This applies to all parts of my life. The more I focus on getting to the gym, the more often it happens. The more I focus on spending time with my family, the more fun we have and so on.

How we figure out who does what!

Krystal’s Story


I have struggled with perfectionism. I have always liked order all around me. From the time I was little I was always changing my room around to make it look better or going through catalogues and papers getting rid of things that were expired or that we didn’t need.

When I had my first child I soon realized that being perfect wasn’t always attainable. I was cleaning up after my child as he was playing with his toys. Then my husband and I welcomed two more children into the world and there was no way that I could keep up this idea in my head of having the perfect house. I didn’t want a perfect house any more. I didn’t want the sterile environment that wasn’t warm or welcoming. I wanted a home to fill with memories not a house full of anxiety and resentment. Before, no one could ever do things up to my standards. Now I welcome help and give praise for the help that I get. I know that this is important for my children’s learning and life skills as well.

Through Shawna’s encouragement and pep talks and myself deciding that I no longer wanted to feel this way, I am slowly changing how I want to be. I want my kids to play freely and not worry is Mom going to get upset if I make a mess. I want them to be creative even if that means emptying craft drawers to create their masterpiece. Instead of having years of regret, I am moving forward. I have more time for the people that matter and for the things that I never took time for before. Instead of constantly cleaning and tidying I am trying new things and making more time for relationships. Plus I get to put my organizing talents to good use with my best friend and I couldn’t be happier!

Why We Created Simple Life Celebrations

It was our annual early December Christmas shopping trip in 2009. We had our plan and our lists and our coffee [S] / tea [K] and we were ready to hit the road. We’d gotten pretty organized at this! As usual, a brain wave came to me [S] in the shower that morning and as we drove, I told Krystal about it. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could shop for a living? I mean, we could help people get organized and get it all done and actually have fun at Christmas!” The conversation continued all day…

  • “We could plan parties – we’re always asked to do that!”
  • “We could help people get their houses organized like we’ve done so many times!”
  • “What if we showed people how to keep their email from becoming a crazy burden?”
  • “Ooooo! We could show people how to get more active and be happier like we’ve been doing the past couple years!”
  • “And! What about how we have simplified suppers with our meal planning and freezer cooking!?”

The list grew! Over the next couple months, we wrote notes. We had cue cards of ideas spread all around on the counter as we organized them into various themes. We poured over the Internet to learn more about setting up our own business. In February 2010, we finally had a name and a partnership! Simple Life Celebrations Our motto: “Simplifying Life’s Celebrations, Celebrating the Simply Life” We did so many things! Our website had a ton of information and ideas for living and organizing and being happier and healthier! It was crazy and so much fun!

There’s always time for fun!

By the end of 2010, we had learned so much and were ready to narrow our focus a little. Both of us were working full time outside of the home and then trying to run our business on the side. We needed to FOCUS! LOL! For 2011, our plan was to focus on the organizing part of our business. It is something that we both LOVE to do and find extremely rewarding! We still love all those other things too (and post often on those kinds of things). Our organizing sessions became our “flagship” service!

In October 2011, we journeyed to North Carolina for a retreat with one of our favorite people, Stacey Curnow – Midwife for Your Life. It was a retreat to refuel ourselves and our business. What a life changing experience it was! It was incredibly rewarding and renewing! We came back with a renewed vigor and focus for ourselves and our business. We planned our own little business retreat in British Columbia in November so that we could plan our rebuilding and refocusing for 2012. The two of us got a lot accomplished in those two days; changing the face of our business again.

During the 12 hour (ONE way!) drive, we also created the Celebrate Life Summit that we organized for February 2012. It was a week long series of events (both live and online) that covered a different topic everyday. Topics that we had in our original plan for the business. We’re still passionate about those things and wanted to share great information/resources on topics such as Nutrition, Fitness, Simple Living, Mind/Spirit and more.

Today, our business is still about organizing. We are professional organizers that help working moms simplify their lives by getting rid of the clutter and the guilt. Our passion for helping them create and live the life of their dreams is in everything we do! We have been there – from the disorganized chaos all the way to perfection tainted with stress and anxiety. We have met “in the middle”, found a way to compromise and be at peace. We truly want to help you do the same!

Let’s get serious!

Krystal’s Professional Bio

Krystal Worth is a proud wife and mother of three who enjoys being a full time mother and spending time with her family when she is not engaged in her passion as a professional organizer. She feels very fortunate her life has led her to doing something she loves as the co-founder of Simple Life Celebrations.

As a nurse for over 10 years in both the hospital and home settings, she enjoys directly assisting people by improving their quality of life. Krystal’s passion for organizing began when she was a little girl who would organize her closet for fun. She has always had a knack for finding innovative ways to organize and make things work. Her love for organizing makes it easy for her to find perfect storage solutions as this skill has always come naturally to her.

She also enjoys keeping fit and active by challenging herself in different events each year. She has organized teams which have helped fight against disease by raising money for a number of organizations.

Her passion also involves sharing her experiences on how to live a simpler, healthier and more meaningful life.

Shawna’s Professional Bio

Shawna is a lifelong learner who is passionate about creating and living a healthier, happier life! She feels blessed to live in Olds with her 3 gorgeous kids and one handsome hubby. Shawna was born and raised on a farm west of Didsbury and she loves to return to her roots as often as she can. She has worked in IT (computers) for most of her adult life and is passionate about sharing her ideas on using IT tools to be  more productive and organized.

Shawna partners with her best friend Krystal Worth in Simple Life Celebrations where they teach people to ditch the clutter and the guilt; to simplify their lives. The two of them created the first ever Celebrate Life Summit here in Olds that was a week-long series of events to support people in learning about fitness, nutrition, simple living and celebrating life! She truly believes that a happy, healthy lifestyle is not only possible, but is the number one thing that we all need to live long and prosperous lives.

Live the life you’ve imagined!

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