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Simply Sexy Date Night Package

This package is full of tips and tricks for dating your spouse! Rekindle the flame!

Simply Sexy Date Night Package



Simplify e-Bundle 

We have a special bundle for you! We are excited to bring you everything in one simple package! These are tools for “do it yourself” simplifying and organizing your life! The collection would make an excellent “zero-clutter” gift for anyone. Use these to take bold action towards your Simplifying Goals! Now’s the chance! All of these together are only $9.97 (a 75% savings!)

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Simplify: Pantry

The pantry is one of those places in our homes that change regularly, even daily. The items come and go in them all the time. Pantries come in all shapes and sizes: from the huge walk-in (my dream home will have one…) to the smallest corner cupboard to the storage shelves downstairs in the spare room. Even if you don’t technically have a “pantry”, we’re sure that you still have cupboards or “under the stairs” areas where you keep food & food preparation “stuff”. These are great places for collecting clutter. Items come and go on the shelves all of the time. Unless you have a system in place (and even when you do…), they can quickly become out of control and cause frustration as well as a waste of money! We know that you want to save money! Who doesn’t!

In this ebook, we’re going to share the step by step methods that we use to keep our own pantries clean and organized. We’ve got tips and tricks for saving money and reducing food waste. We’ll show you what our pantries look like and ideas that you can use for your own spaces.

Simplify: Fridge

The fridge…the icebox…the refrigerator…does this word terrify you? Is it the “Last Frontier”? A place where only the bold dare go? I have to admit, there are still times when I reach into the back of the fridge and discover a rare, forgotten “treasure” – sometimes even one where I’m willing to throw away the container just to avoid opening it! However, this happens rarely now because we’ve learned to take the time and clean it out on a regular basis. I have also learned to despise wasting food and plan ahead much better to avoid the extra expense.

In this ebook, we’re going to share the simple methods we use to keep a clean and healthy refrigerator. We’ll talk about some of the great ways to save money by storing and keeping fresh foods fresh. 🙂

Simplify: Summer

Summer fun! We love summer: warmer weather, more time to get outside, getting together with friends and family, vacations, fresh fruit and veggies! So much to love about summer! This can also be used for ideas for those other long holiday breaks! These breaks can also be overwhelming! Suddenly the kids are at home and cries of “I’m bored” begin to spew forth. UGH! And then there’s the stress of packing for the holidays…And what about getting together with friends and family? So much work to do to have a party, is it even worth it? How many of us make plans to clean and paint and work in the yard and on and on? How do we get it all done? Oh, and some of us still have to go to work! Wow!

Well, that’s where we come in with this book! We’ve got lots of ideas, tips and tricks to make this summer your best one yet! There are checklists to make these things easy so that you can relax and have fun! We’ve got great ideas for beating back the boredom with summer fun activities (that won’t cost a fortune). Going camping or on a vacation? We’ve got ready-made checklists and ideas to take the stress out of it and put the “vacay” back into “vacation”!

Level Up Cleaning

This ebook is a collection of checklists for doing a deep clean of your home. It’s different from all the other checklists because we know that we are all at different “levels” of our journey to a home oasis. Some of us are clearing the clutter and some of us are ready for redoing the kitchen cupboards! This ebook covers all levels. What’s better? It makes it fun for us to try to get to the “next level”.

Bonuses: Spicing up School Lunches Recipe Book & Simply Sexy Date Night!

All of these for only $9.97

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    Loni - January 25, 2015

    Hi, I was just wondering if the E-bundle is still available? The link says no.

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      Hi Loni! I’m so sorry! I missed this plus I didn’t realize it wasn’t working! I will fix that up and send you the bundle for free. Thanks for pointing that out! ~Shawna

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      Hello again Loni! You should have received an email tonight with information on how to get your free Simplify eBundle. Thank you for letting me know about the problem!

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