Simple Tips – Plastic Bag Storage

Hey all! Apologies for the barn door effect with the funky writing in this video. I am not sure what happened there! There are times when I forget to take my reusable grocery bags to the store with me; I hate it when that happens. So I end up with several plastic store bags. They can look messy and clutter up a cupboard. So what can we do with them all? In my video I share a simple and FREE idea on how to neatly store these bags.


What can we use plastic shopping bags for? I have ideas! 😉

1. Take them with you when you go shopping and use them at the checkout.
2. Recycle them at the grocery store.
3. Offer them to consignment stores and eco friendly stores as they often are looking for bags for customers.
4. Donate them to a food bank.
5. Use them for painting to catch the drips or for covering your brush when you are in between coats.
6. Use them to wrap fragile items when gift giving or packing breakables.
7. Use them to line small trash cans.
8. Protect wounds and casts when showering.
9. If you have dry or cracked skin, lotion up and put your hands/feet in the bag to retain moisture.
10. Use them in the bottom of planters and pots to fill up space between the bottom and the dirt.
11. Tie them around your knees when gardening to keep your pants dry and clean.
12. Keep critters out of your plants by lightly draping them with a plastic bag overnight.
13. Wear bags as gloves when touching raw meat.
14. Use them on the counter to catch peels when peeling veggies.
15. Cut them to make aprons or bibs for the little ones to keep them clean.
16. Use for on the go lunches.
17. Defrost meat in a bag to prevent the juices from getting on everything.
18. Use them to crush crackers in.
19. Use under a high chair to catch messy spills.
20. Use for foods that don’t need tight containers.
21. Use as table coverings when kids are painting.
22. Use for dirty diapers when away from home.
23. Use them to contain small pieces for toys or crafts.
24. Use them for shampoo and wet bathroom products when travelling in case of leakage.
25. I also use them for kids wet swimming suits and towels.
26. They are great for dirty clothes when travelling.
27. Keep one in your gym bag for stinky gym shoes.
28. Put some in your car for trash bags.
29. Wrap your cold water bottle in one to catch the condensation and keep your bag dry.
30. Use the pretty colored bags for wrapping of gifts.

Hope you are enjoying these videos! We would love to hear from you!
Leave us a comment and let us know what you use plastic bags for? How do you store them?

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    Dean - October 25, 2012

    Thanks for the great tip on storing bags. It’s helped me deal with two things at once: the plastic bags and the empty tissue boxes. Great idea!

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