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Summer is here! We love summer: warmer weather, more time to get outside, getting together with friends and family, vacations, fresh fruit and veggies! So much to love about summer!

However, summer can also be overwhelming! Suddenly the kids are at home and cries of “I’m bored” begin to spew forth. UGH! And then there’s the stress of packing for the holidays…And what about getting together with friends and family? So much work to do to have a party, is it even worth it? How many of us make plans to clean and paint and work in the yard and on and on? How do we get it all done? Oh, and some of us still have to go to work! Wow!

Well, that’s where we come in with this book! We’ve got lots of ideas, tips and tricks to make this summer your best one yet! There are checklists to make these things easy so that you can relax and have fun! We’ve got great ideas for beating back the boredom with summer fun activities (that won’t cost a fortune). Going camping or on a vacation? We’ve got ready-made checklists and ideas to take the stress out of it and put the “vacay” back into “vacation”!


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Summer is supposed to be fun! Let’s get out there and enjoy it!

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