Simply Sexy Date Night Package

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Simply Sexy Date Night Package



Those blue eyes looked up at her while she paused, dish towel in her hands.

“What was it like to get married to Daddy? Was he silly like the boys at school?” she asked again. When did her eight year old turn sixteen and wonder about love?

“We were different then, sweetheart,” she skirted the question.

“But look at your face? You look so happy Mommy!” she held the new-found photo up to her weary eyes.

Yes, she was happy then. And she was different. She quickly corrected herself – it’s not that I’m unhappy now! I love my children. I love my husband. It’s just so…different, yes…Why was she suddenly so very tired? That little face still waited for an answer; so curious. Where did she find that old picture anyway!?

The kitchen suddenly became smaller as she was drawn back to the day he proposed to her in that restaurant…

Simply Sexy Date Night Package

 Click the image above to remember why you’re together in the first place…

Wouldn’t it be great to fall in love all over again? To find the time for romance in our busy lives? Someday, the kids will be gone and you will look at each other and wonder what happened.

…it’s not too late

…you can learn to love again

…we did, we still struggle sometimes

…this package is just the thing to get you started

…we’ve tried so many things

…and now we’re sharing our findings with YOU!

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Date Your Partner!


Simply Sexy Date Night Package


Date Night?

What is “Date Night”? In our travels, we have found that so many couples that have been together for a long time have forgotten what it is like to go out on a date! If there are kids in the family, it’s even more likely that couples have a very difficult time finding the time to just enjoy each other’s company and remember who they are as a couple.

Last year, we put on a series of events called the “Celebrate Life Summit”. One of the themes was “Relationships” – with the big event for that day: “Date Night”! Couples enjoyed a variety of activities and resources that were focused on creating “couple-time”.

We decided to expand this further into a package of resources; many of us need just a little boost to get going. This is the intention of this package!

What’s In the Package?

The “Simply Sexy Date Night Package” contains tons of great stuff for you. You will find lots of resources and ideas; your relationship is worth it!

  • Tried & True Date Night Ideas Tested by US!
  • Menu & Recipes for Date Night In
  • Date Night on a Budget
  • Sexy Video Playlist to Set the Mood
  • Get Lucky 7 Challenge
  • Date Your Spouse “Fit IT In”
  • Sizzlin’ Sexcapades
  • Movie Night Recommendations
  • Date Night Workbook & Calendar
  • Video interview compilation from our favorite bloggers! And so much more!

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Simply Sexy Date Night Package

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