Transforming a Small Space: Children’s Room

This past weekend I decided that I needed to organize my youngest’s bedroom. (Back to school does that to me!) His room was getting out of control with clutter (aka treasures). His room is about 9′ x 10′ and smaller than the average bedroom. It is a constant struggle to find room when there is not much area to start with. Never fear mommy the organizer is here! My goal was to showcase the things that he loves and get rid of the stuff that he doesn’t
a) love, b) use or c) is broken or too small.
So first things first; his room got a good purge! With my little guys help we went though toys, pictures, school papers etc. Tip: Do this with your child in short bursts so they don’t get bored and upset. And… a little bribery never hurt anyone! Just sayin’. 🙂
Also, I emptied everything out of his room and sorted it in piles of like items so that I could take a good inventory of what he had. (Make sure that you have set aside a chunk of time to do this). You want to be able to start and finish this project.
The next step was to recognize what storage was needed. I needed to know where I could add more storage. I decided that I could add cubby shelving to one side of his closet, add a small book case to his corner, utilize some colored baskets, add hooks to the back of the door. I also wanted to get rid of his bed that was a box frame. I changed his bed to a captain style bed which has three decent sized drawers under it. It also comes with a great headboard that has shelves in it. As a bonus I found this bed on the buy n’ sell. It was in great condition and best of all I probably saved my self a couple of hundred dollars and reused a perfectly good bed! Everything else that I used was either already in his room or I bought gently used. Yippee!

Consider storage in the bed that you choose!


A bookcase and wall shelving creates great, attractive storage. I like the colored bins that hide toys!

Tips for creating storage in a small room:
~think vertically if you do not have very much floor space then find storage that goes up
~shelving creates a space for books, knick knacks etc and keeps them off of dresser surfaces and the floor
~use small shelving in the closet (my son uses half of his closet for his clothing/laundry basket and the other half houses two small shelving units that can store books, toys, or shoes.
~a book case can house many things besides just books (I like to add a bit of color with cubbies) These also hide toys!
~hooks on the back of the door are a great way to keep bathrobes and jackets off of the floor. kids can also hang up their back pack here.
~consider a captains bed or loft bed to create extra storage

Before and Afters of my son’s closet.

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