Twas the Night Before School

This is a poem I wrote three years ago on the eve before the first day of school. I was feeling especially nostalgic as my youngest was starting preschool and oldest was going to high school. This year I have kids in three different schools. I always get a little teary thinking of them all growing up. 

Written September 1, 2010 

Precious Moments
Precious Moments

Twas the Night Before School

Twas the night before school and all through our house,

ALL the creatures were stirring – even my spouse.

The backpacks we lined up by the front door with care, 

in hopes that we would be organized and not in despair!


The children were all clean and tucked in their beds,

coughing and sniffling with colds in their heads.

And me in my apron making homemade snacks;

and Hubs on the computer shooting ‘things’ to the max!


When out from their rooms I hear all this chatter,

I checked from the kitchen to see what was the matter.

When what to my tired eyes should appear,

my youngest all wide eyed; sneaking if the coast is clear.


The dark falls upon us early it seems,

I miss the summer already but back to regimes!

From school, to work, football, gymnastics and such…

Big bills for the month – it is a bit much!


Excited for school but sad another year’s gone.

Thinking back to my babies and stifling a yawn.

The oldsest going to High School; the youngest in Preschool

And one in grade two who will follow the rules.


Now Noah, now Megan, now Drew listen here;

I only want the best so let’s make that clear.

I may be mean and shout and go crazy at times;

but it’s all out of love, let’s stay away from the crime!


In hopes of a good year we will see,

I pray every night for my sanity.

I hope their lives are happy in all that they do;

and to themselves I hope they stay true. 


I must get back to my cooking – I don’t like it I admit!

I am no Martha, or Betty or Julia but I’m trying a bit.

One more peek on the children; they are soundly sleeping

our blessings for now…  for safekeeping.


 ~Krystal Worth

My handsome big man and little man.
My handsome big man and little man.
Where does the time go?
Where does the time go?




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