Before and After Basement Session

What Happens in an Organizing Session?

Before and After Basement Session

We thought we’d explain what happens in one of our 4 hour organizing sessions:

The first thing we do when we book a session with you is have a consult before hand. This is a half hour where we come and evaluate your space. We ask questions and learn more about you. After we leave, we research and plan some solutions/options for you that we write up in a proposal that we send to you.

After you agree to our awesome proposal… 🙂

We setup a morning or afternoon for your FOUR hour session (anything more than that is exhausting for everyone!). Both of us come to your home and tackle your project. You can be involved in the project as much or as little as you like. Generally, we work through the space from right to left, clearing items out of the space, evaluating the items (as in helping you decide if it needs to be in the space, belongs somewhere else, or can just be let go) We then implement the ideas for organizing the space and put your space back together, organized and clutter-free!

Most importantly, throughout the session, we coach and teach you how to maintain your space. We consult you and support you in your decisions. We gently nudge you to let go of things you do not love, want or need in your home. Krystal and I understand how hard it is sometimes – we’ve been known to even help you breathe and be at peace with your decisions. The last thing we want to do is cause you stress. The whole point of the session is to help you DITCH the clutter AND the GUILT!

It’s amazing what we can accomplish in the 4 hours we have with you. You will be so excited to have the space back! You will be inspired to continue on with the rest of your home! The freedom we help you gain is addicting!

As always, if you have any questions or you would like to book your own session, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Pricing details can be found here: Organizing Packages

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