What I Didn’t Do (and What I Did)

I was beating myself up like I do sometimes.

Ever do this: think about all the stuff you didn’t get done? All the things you “messed up”?

This week, I didn’t:
  • Get more toilet paper! I mean, who runs out of toilet paper?!?!
  • Run – AT – ALL…even though every time I saw a runner, I longed to join her.
  • Do laundry. Not a single load. And who preaches about doing a load every other day??
  • Get my photo book done yet. Yep, I wanted it done yesterday!
  • Catch up on paperwork from post holiday that was two weeks ago now!
  • Stop myself from laying the guilt trip on my daughter when she was having a fit about a lost hat (that was me feeling guilty because I may or may not have indeed been the reason it was lost..
  • Go to bed early and get up at 5 like I like to do
  • Not cry at work just because I’m not superwoman and making everything perfect everywhere.
How about we try this: what DID I do so far this week:
  • Have all the supper meals planned so far so that we haven’t had to scramble for food on our busy nights
  • Help my daughter get rest and good food while she has the busiest, most stressful week of her year
  • Have a visit and lunch with my hubby and parents, talking about our garden plans getting advice from the expert
  • Restrain myself from screaming at stressed out daughter and instead pulled her in for a hug and a “i understand kiddo, and you got this” talk that helped her pick herself up and push on
  • Acknowledge and thank my little man for doing what I ask
  • Drive all over for dance without speeding like a maniac
  • Watch a movie that I’ve been wanting to watch with my sweetheart
  • Just have coffee with my friend instead of always talking shop
  • Listen to the robins for a little while and remember how much I’ve always loved  doing that.
  • Helped a few folks along their healthy living journey
  • Said good morning to strangers in the street
  • Write an imperfect blog post on my phone just so that I could write
We all stumble. Some days, are worse than others. If we sit and focus on all that we don’t do and mistakes we’ve made, it WILL be that way every day. EVERY DAY.
However, I’ve come to believe that EVERYONE has one good thing they have done and have happen to them.  Find that one thing and be grateful. It will mean all the difference in your life. Just one thing, everyday. Watch it grow.

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