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What Really Matters?

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It has been a taxing few weeks. My daughter has had a cyst/abscess (we won’t know for sure until the results of the biopsy come back) on her forehead for the past few months. We are pretty certain that it is nothing major. It wasn’t too concerning until this little lump became large, red and painful. We have seen more than our fair share of Doctors. I think that I have calculated that between my husband and my daughter we have been to 12 appointments in the last couple of months. So it has consumed a large piece of our lives.

be positive

As a nurse I wasn’t really panicking about this lump until the signs of infection and inflammation became evident. It was the Mom part of me (the gnawing, heart string tugging, gut feeling) that made me become a bit pushier instead of waiting around for our next referral to come through. After all I am her advocate. In the meantime, she was becoming more and more uncomfortable, kids were making comments about her lump and I was concerned that this would cause some cosmetic issues as it grew larger and larger.




After a visit to a fantastic hospital ER Dept. (on the advice from a Nurse co-worker) within two days we were meeting with a plastic surgeon. The Surgeon and three interns asked questions, poked, prodded. Then the Dr. suggested that they could possibly fit my daughter in for surgery that same day but we would just need to wait around and see once the Doctors got through the scheduled surgeries and nothing emergent came through the doors then we would be good to go. My gal had not eaten anything since the night before and she burst into tears because of the uncertainty of what would take place. Her Dad, little brother, myself had the day to hang out at the hospital and wait for word of when this would take place. It wasn’t a case of just freezing this area and taking/cleaning it out. She would have anesthetic, a drain, IV, and stitches. Something that she has never gone through. Heck I have never had to have surgery (touch wood). It was a little scary.




They admitted her to the Day Surgery Unit and we settled in to the room. They gave us a pager in case we wanted to roam the hospital and let me tell you we know a couple of the floors quite well! We were not allowed to leave in case we could be fit in at any time. There was a chance that we would wait all day and not get in at all. To kill time we and keep her mind off of what ‘might happen’ we checked out the gift shop, played cards, read, watched movies etc. etc. Hubby and I took turns at taking the kids for walks as 10 hours to wait was a really long time. We watched many children come and go from surgery after surgery. We went through many emotions at this time. Worry. Hope. Anxiety. Thankfulness. Love…lots of love.

Then in a flash the OR nurse came to our day surgery room and said, “We are ready”. Not knowing all day if this was going to happen or not suddenly reality hit. It was time. My poor girl burst into tears scared about what was going to happen, about going to sleep, about them ‘cutting her head’, about having the intravenous in her hand. We were relieved that it was finally happening, we were hurting for our daughter, and we just wanted to make everything better like all parents would.  I got to hold her hand until the anesthetic put my little girl to sleep. The surgery took about an hour and a half. The lump was gone. We just had to get through the ill effects of the anesthetic. There was a fine line where we were not sure if we were staying over a night or going home. At quarter to one a.m. she was able to keep some fluids down, the IV came out, the dressing got changed and we were discharged.


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Big. BIG sigh of relief. All of us were exhausted and my youngest was having meltdowns for the last hour. Everything went well and my gal is healing with flying colors! We are very happy!

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Here are some things that I learned/noticed from that day:

~what matters most is health and relationships

~though my son and daughter argue they love each other very much

~sometimes you just have to trust your gut

~my husband is my rock

~we have some amazing people in our lives

~patience really is a virtue




Another thing; don’t doubt that those little actions won’t make a world of difference in someones day. A message, a call, an email to let someone know that you are thinking of them could be uplifting, bring hope and show support. I pray that if you are going through anything with a friend or family member that you have the strength that you need, the support to help you through and the courage and optimism to make it ok.



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